Crosswalk 2016

CrossWalk 2016

March 25th, 2016 marks the 5th year of the CrossWalk in Beaufort, SC. I am excited to see what God has done over these few short years. Several congregations have united efforts this year (St. Helena Baptist, Grace & Truth Gospel Chapel, Faith Harvest Christian Fellowship, Meadowbrook Baptist, and Love House Ministries) which has more than doubled our original distance.

This year the CrossWalk encompasses 25.5 miles as we carry the cross through Port Royal, Burton, Beaufort, Lady’s Island, and St. Helena Island communities. We will begin with a brief Prayer Rally at 8:45am in the parking lot of the old Publix on Ladys Island. The first leg of the CrossWalk will begin at 9:00am and we will follow the logistical layout from the table below. Please be mindful of the times and locations and communicate this with your Cross Bearers. Any deviation from this plan will delay our Worship Time, which begins at the conclusion of the CrossWalk.

Participants are not expected to be present throughout the duration of the CrossWalk, but are highly encouraged to join us for Worship at St. Helena Baptist (1608 Sea Island Pkwy) by 7:00pm. Please encourage all participants to be dressed for the weather. Rain or shine we will carry the cross. Participants also should plan to eat regularly and drink plenty of fluids, and use sunblock and bug spray as needed.

ROADSIDE: For safety reasons we should have a MAXIMUM of 4 individuals on the roadside at a time (1-Safety Guide who leads the walk, 2- Cross Bearer-, 3- Assistant Cross Bearer, 4- Designated Prayer Warrior who follows and reads scripture and prays over the Cross Bearer- ALL MUST WEAR AN ORANGE SAFETY VEST.

Non-Walkers: Please share the following logistical layout to your congregations and ask them to pray over us and the communities we will impact. The Cross is offensive to many and a stumbling block. There will be spiritual warfare. We want to call attention to our Lord and Savior and shine His Light in our communities through this event. May All Glory, Honor, and Praise Be Given To Our Lord throughout this event.

Worship: Will consist of Worship in Song, Message- brought to us by Pastor Jayson Shackelford from Faith Harvest Christian Fellowship, and the sharing of the Lord’s Supper.

I look forward to seeing each of you Friday. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Jeremiah Young 843-263-3152 (call or text) or

Marker Time Mile Location Cross Bearer
9:00 0 Old Publix Parking lot ***McKenzie Young***
1 9:12 0.5 Sea Island Presbyterian Faith Harvest
2 9:24 1.0 Flashing Fire Dept. Sign Faith Harvest
3 9:36 1.5 Meridian Road Faith Harvest
4 9:48 2.0 Base of McTeer Bridge Faith Harvest
5 10:00 2.5 Peak of McTeer Bridge Faith Harvest
6 10:12 3.0 Red Light @ Ribaut Rd. Faith Harvest
7 10:24 3.5 Laurel Hill Apts. Faith Harvest
8 10:36 4.0 Bft. Dock Supply Faith Harvest
9 10:48 4.5 Lenora Park Faith Harvest
10 11:00 5.0 4th Light Post on Parris Island Bridge Faith Harvest
11 11:12 5.5 Base of Parris Island Bridge Faith Harvest
12 11:24 6.0 Red Light @ Enmark Faith Harvest
13 11:36 6.5 Grafton Drive (Last Right before Savannah. Hwy 128) Faith Harvest
14 11:48 7.0 Vacant Lot before Comm. Bible Church Faith Harvest
15 12:00 7.5 End of Picket Fences Subdivision Gabby, Bryce, & Jeremiah Young
16 12:12 8.0 Jericho Apartments & Antique Store Carolyn Durrance
17 12:24 8.5 Red Light @ Mink Point Blvd Alley Durrance
18 12:36 9.0 Marsh View on Right Mathew Durrance
19 12:48 9.5 Red Light Sign before Hwy 170 ***Bryan Durrance (Del Tingley lead spotter, Shannon Durrance tail spotter & NO OTHER Walkers)***
20 1:00 10.0 Goodwill Entrance Shannon Durrance
21 1:12 10.5 Broad River Blvd. (1st Road after New Hope Christian Church) ***Shelby Heaton (2 adult spotters needed)***
22 1:24 11.0 Old Vaden Cars Brick Building  on Boundary Dodge Peeples
223 1:36 11.5 Autozone on Boundary Denise Wilson
24 1:48 12.0 Waffle House on Boundary Love House Ministries1
25 2:00 12.5 K-Mart Love House Ministries 2
26 2:12 13.0 Old Piggly Wiggly on Boundary Love House Ministries 3
27 2:24 13.5 End of National Cemetery/Boat Busters Love House Ministries 4
28 2:36 14.0 USC Beaufort Love House Ministries 5
29 2:48 14.5 Base of Wood’s Bridge Meadowbrook 1
30 3:00 15.0 Speed Limit 40 Sign on Lady’s Island side of Woods Bridge Meadowbrook 2
31 3:12 15.5 The Filling Station Meadowbrook 3
32 3:24 16.0 Grayco Hardware Entrance Meadowbrook 4
33 3:36 16.5 Robin Drive on Sam’s Pt. Road/Hwy 802 Meadowbrook 5
34 3:48 17.0 Mother Earth Landscaping Meadowbrook 6
35 4:00 17.5 Old Fire Dept./Six L’s Packing Shed by Airport Desiree Green
36 4:12 18.0 Thomas Atkins Road Timothy Green
37 4:24 18.5 Shell Station/Dog House Lindsey Hatcher
38 4:36 19.0 St. Helena side of Chowan Creek Bridge Jocelyn King
39 4:48 19.5 James Grant Road past Oaks True Holiness Church Melissa King
40 5:00 20.0 Beaufort County Public Waste Facility Entrance ***Lucile Gadson***
41 5:12 20.5 Low Country Store Ben Glover
42 5:24 21.0 Polowana Road/Dataw Red Light Brenden Glover
43 5:36 21.5 Halifax Road Brodrick Glover
44 5:48 22.0 St. Helena Elementary Sign Benjamin Glover
45 6:00 22.5 Henry Farms Produce Stand Kimani Carpenter
46 6:12 23.0 1186 Sea Island Parkway (before Jehovah’s Witness Church) Kentura Carpenter
47 6:24 23.5 John Fripp Circle (on Right) Mary Jenkins
48 6:36 24.0 John Fripp Cemetery Road (on Left) Michale McEachern
49 6:48 24.5 Corky White Seafood Company Shon Glover
50 7:00 25.0 (Orange Cones) Motorcycle Club Wesley Farmer
51 7:12 25.5 St. Helena Baptist Church Del Tingley
WORSHIP TIME: Worship will start at Approximately 7:15-7:30. We have a tendency to run ahead of schedule