Linda’s Windows – Father’s Day 2016



The essence of the father’s role Is to mirror God’s own heart

And to value instruction in God’s ways With the grace that God imparts

Every father needs God’s wisdom
To carry out his role,
As the tower of strength and support
For each fragile heart he holds

And there’s no greater reward in life
For a father to take his place
And uphold the values of the Lord
With integrity and grace.

By:  M.S. Lowndes


Children are a gift from God;  they
are his reward.  Children born to a
young man are like sharp arrows to
defend him.  Happy is the man who
has his quiver full of them.

Psalms 127: 3-5 TLB


Books for Fathers:

“What Kids Need Most In A Dad” by
Tim Hansel.

“The Father Connection” by Josh

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