Prayer Ministry

We believe in the “Power of Prayer” and actually have two very active inter-connected Prayer Ministry’s  in our church. We have seen many, many miracles ! One group meets every Tuesday Night in the Prayer Room of the fellowship hall at 6:00 PM to which all are invited. Another is an e-mail based ministry in which all prayer requests are edited and immediately sent to over 125 recipients who  start praying. Also, all of the email requests for the week are added to the book on Tuesday night.

We would invite you to join either or both of our groups by submitting a prayer request on the form in the back of the pew, attending  Tuesday Night Prayer Warriors or Prayer Request by email – Connie Cormier will be managing this ministry for us. She has setup a new email address for our prayer request:

If you  give us your e-mail address, you can be added to the list of confidential recepients. We hope to have a direct link from here soon.