Nominating Committee Form – 2016

Please print, fill out and return to Church: (Right click to print)

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them (Romans 12:6a).

Administration and Leadership

_____   Church Clerk                                                                      _____   Library

_____   Senior Adult Ministry Coordinator                            _____   Sunday School Administrator

_____   Vacation Bible School Director         _____   Youth and Children’s Committee


Apostleship and Mercy

_____   Men’s Ministry and Mission                                         _____   Migrant Ministry

_____   Mission House                                   _____   WMU Team (Women’s Missions)



_____   Nominating Committee



_____   Activities and Outreach Team                          _____   Baptismal Committee

_____   Membership Committee



_____   Prayer Chain                                                                       _____   Prayer Team (Tuesday nights)



_____   Adult Choir                                                   _____   Youth/Young Adult Choir

_____   Children’s Choir                                                                _____   Piano

_____   Organ                                                                            _____   Other Instrument

_____   Drama                                     _____   Dream Giving (see Pastor or Treasurer)



_____   Creating a Specialized Gift Basket for all New Members

_____   Greeter (Welcoming guests as they enter the church)

_____   Gift Giving (Handing out gifts to first time visitors)

_____   Visitation (Inviting new attendees to your home or taking them out to dinner)


Knowledge and Wisdom

_____   Audio/Visual Team                                          _____   Finance Committee

_____   Photographer                                                                          _____   Website



_____   Bring and Serve Donuts to Sunday school  _____   Building and Grounds Committee

_____   Christmas Committee                  _____   Flowers and Decorations Leadership

_____   Kitchen Crew                                                                     _____   Usher



_____   Funeral Dinner Committee      _____   Nursing Home Ministry (on Friday)

_____   Nursing Home Ministry (on Sunday afternoon)

_____   Ministry of Care (visiting shut-ins and the sick, taking food, writing cards …)


Teaching and Preaching

_____   Sunday school Teacher to adults   _____   Sunday school Teacher to students

_____   Boys (grades 1-6) on Wednesday nights              ____   Girls (grades 1-6) on Wednesday nights

_____   Mission Friends (Ages 2-5) on Wednesday nights

_____   Participant in Teaching and/or Preaching Training

_____   Scripture Reader on Sunday Mornings


Name: ___________________________________________


Phone: ___________________________________________